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An Autumn Feast

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Jaime and I first talked about creating a food blog back in May when we attended a work conference in Orlando and we had a long plane ride to dream-up and scheme about such things. It took us six more months of talking about it before we actually got up the nerve to try it. We started with a cooking experiment – something we affectionately called “Food Blog R&D” – to find out if we had what it took. We spent one entire Friday in October mixing, dicing, mashing, swirling, and fluffing the dishes that would become our food blog beta-test.

We decided early on that we wanted one of our focuses to be seasonal meals so we started with an autumn harvest feast. We worked hard, laughed a lot, and put together a wonderful fall meal full of the season’s best flavors: pumpkin and sweet potato, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, ginger, sweet crisp apples, cranberries, and walnuts. Over the next few weeks we’ll share the full meal. In the meantime – here are some pictures to tempt and tantalize.


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