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Coming Up!

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Hello, everyone!  You may have noticed that it’s been quiet here at 5-to-9 Foodies lately.   It’s that time of year when every weekend is full of travel and preparation for the holidays, visiting with family and putting up decorations, and trying to keep the cat out of the decorations.  You may have heard that we’re experiencing a bit of a blizzard in the southern Wisconsin area today, too.  The snow has entirely blanketed the once patchy ground. As I look out my window I see it whirling and swirling, sending tiny snowflakes frantically in every direction.  The pine trees sag heavily under the weight, and tiny trees sway with the whipping wind.  I am inside a snow globe!  Except there are no reindeer in here, or little plastic Santas.  Or penguins.  Which would be awesome.

Coming Soon!

Just to give you a heads-up of what is to come, as soon as we finish up with our visiting and decorating and organizing.  We have a really easy and delicious cranberry MINI bundt cakes recipe for you.  If you’re in the market to “wow” your holiday guests this year, we’ve also got a surprisingly simple pear dessert that involves lots of honey and cinnamon.

Rae will be posting her cookie-baking tips, tricks, and recipes coming up in the next couple of weeks and you don’t want to miss it!   It’s all about desserts around here right now, and ’tis the season, right?  In case you get tired of the sweets, we’ll have some great sweet potato recipes posted in the coming weeks — one an entree and one a side, as well as, in the words of my husband, “the best meatloaf ever”.

So thank you for staying tuned despite the quietness around here.  If you’re getting hammered with snow today, stay inside and be cozy!  Or if you must go in to work, be safe in your travels, and patient!  Take care.


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  1. Looking forward to some new yummies!!!

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