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Saturday Stew: Some Favorites

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Hi guys, and happy weekend!  I wanted to share some things I’ve become obsessed with recently in case I could get you to be obsessed with them, too.  That way I won’t feel so alone in my obsessions.

I tried to think of another way I could sneak the word obsession in here…oh look!  Success.

1. Metromint Water

Maybe I’m behind the crowd on this one — I don’t know.  All I know is my husband brought home some of this water for me to try recently, and I’m hooked!  They offer a variety of flavors from plain peppermint (my personal fave) to chocolatemint.   I have yet to try them all, but it’s in the plan.   So what do I love about these? There are NO sweeteners — it’s just water and natural mint flavor!  Or natural mint and cherry flavor…or lemon…whatever you choose, you know it won’t have any sweeteners.  It’s a perfect hint of mint that freshens your pallet (and your breath).

Alone in the forest Art Print

2. Society6.com

Society6 is like one great big art gallery.  Not that I’ve ever been to an ACTUAL art gallery show, but I imagine it’s sort of like this site, except here you can drink your wine in your pajamas, and you don’t have to pretend to understand anything.   You can purchase prints from all different artists around the world (like Marc Johns and the great print above from Robert Farkas).  You’re not limited to prints, though.  You can also order pretty much any of the art pieces as an iPhone case, t-shirt, pillow, hoodie, tote bag, card and more!  One of my personal favorites is artist Helen Green (she does amazing Lady Gagas).  The prices are reasonable, and there’s something for everybody.  A great stop for birthday gifts for that impossible-to-shop for person in your life!  Warning: I can spend an entire day on this site…

3. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Macaroon Sandwiches

You’ve probably heard of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream by now…but if you haven’t, you might want to check it out.  I recently posted recipes for Jeni’s Dark Chocolate ice cream and Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet.  You can also order them online (or find them in some stores) but what I really wanted to talk about now are the ice cream macaroon sandwiches.  I tried the Chocolate Hazelnut recently and it was sort of perfect.  Rich chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two hazelnut-flour macaroons, surrounded with roasted chopped hazelnuts.  Decadent, no?  You can order all FIVE flavors (Chocolate Hazelnut, Oatmeal Cream, Orchid Vanilla, Salty Caramel with Smoked Almonds, and Cloverton Mango) from Jeni’s website ($37.50 for 5), or look for them in your local grocery store.

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

4.  Bamboo Kitchen Utensils from West Elm

I love these kitchen utensils from West Elm.  I put them in my virtual cart almost every day.  And then I close the window.  The great thing about online “shopping”: it’s free.  The not-so-great thing: if you don’t actually buy anything, you don’t actually get anything. So. Yeah.  I love the color blocking trend and the dipped-in-paint trend, and these colors just feel right together.  Bamboo is also a great material to use because it’s both renewable and naturally anti-microbial.  So pretty.

So tell me…what are some things YOU are obsessed with that we have to check out?


(I was not paid to endorse any of these products — all opinions are my own!)

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