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Lessons from Valentine’s Day 2013



Good morning!  Is anyone in a post-Valentine’s Day haze, induced by too much chocolate and warm fuzzies? If not, get out to Walgreens and pick up some 50% off chocolate — you’ll get there in no time!   I just wanted to stop in to tell you about a couple Valentine’s Day lessons I learned yesterday.  Some were more painful than others.

1. My husband has a sick obsession with buying me DB Infusions chocolates.  And this girl is NOT complaining.  He doesn’t even make me share with him, which means I force my office mates to eat a piece every now and then (sorry honey) — if I didn’t, I would surely develop diabetes.  My favorite flavor so far?  Bananas flambe. Yum.  Db Infusions also has some really great drinking chocolates , so if you haven’t tried them yet, do.  Mmm.  Ok I’m done bragging.  But not done eating chocolate.


2.  There are some foods that some of us just should not make.  Mine happen to be steak and french toast.  Without a doubt, I mess these two things up.  I had grand plans to make this orange-ginger-soy marinated SKIRT steak (I think that was my first mistake).   Let’s just say, we ended up throwing most of it out and consuming a meal consisting of side dishes, which also didn’t turn out as well as planned.  Except the mashed potatoes.  Those were the bomb.  So, lesson learned — I will leave steak (and french toast) to everyone else.  Next year we might have to go with the heart-shaped pizza from Rocky Rococo’s.   I don’t think there would be a single complaint, either!

3.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about rom-com romance.  There’s something nice about staying home, making a (non-steak) dinner, and playing board games.  Or getting together with your family and watching old movies.  Or going to an awesome workout class.  It’s just another day, after all.  And no matter what, just know that someone loves you!

So tell me, what food do you mess up EVERY TIME you try to make it?  Please, there must be something?  And stay tuned for some incredible shrimp from Rae! My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

With love,


4 thoughts on “Lessons from Valentine’s Day 2013

  1. Poached eggs. I’ve watched a dozen you tube videos, and I still can’t get it. :/

  2. Speaking of disasters, Rae’s father once referred to a dish I made as “Death Balls”!

  3. Eggs over easy–Sue’s favorite style. I am so sick of giving them to her with busted yolks. To Hilary–after trying various gadgets and techniques over the years, I’ve given up on poached. I just order those when I go out.

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