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Happy Monday!  Jaime here…just wanted to give you a weekend wrap-up and let you know about 1) an awesome breakfast joint and 2) an upcoming easy recipe!
photo 1

We’ve been introduced to a small-town style breakfast place in De Pere (essentially Green Bay if you’re not from the area) and we’re in love.  It is packed every single time we go (which has become every time we’re in town), but well worth the wait.  You know, just like love. The place: Oak Street Cafe.  No, they don’t have a website.  That’s how old school we’re talking.  The prices are great and the food, also great.

Toast is usually my throw-away item on any breakfast platter — let’s be honest, I’m more into ham and bacon than I am into dry old toast.  But not at Oak Street — they make their own bread there, and it’s thick and chewy and oh-so-delicious.  You can buy loaves to take home (which of course we do).  We’ve tried the cinnamon, white, and wheat.  Sourdough is also on the menu (and on our list to buy). photo 4 photo 2

What else did I do this weekend, besides eat tons of breakfast and bread?  I made a healthy taco dinner for my mom and sister.  I’ll make it again soon, and post the recipe for you all!  It’s really simple, flexible, and delicious.photo 3

So there you have it!  Weekend wrap.  Have a good week and stay tuned for more recipes this week!

XO Jaime

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