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Foodie Finds from around the Web

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Happy Saturday! No new recipes today. Today is about food and design – two of my favorite things. So enjoy a few foodies finds from around the web, curated by yours truly.

XO – Rae

In the mood to play with your breakfast? Designer Avihai Shurin created this sunnyside egg shaper. Oh…the possibilities… Via.

Pop Chart Lab has created an all-encompassing poster of kitchenware. Over 200 items. Prepare to lust. This is not a good thing for a girl who is about to register for her wedding. Eek! Have a closer look. Via.

Oh, David Schwen. You brilliant man. Schwen has created playful Pantone pairings for some of our favorite foods. Above, bacon and eggs. More here. Via.

Finally, a recent drawing by Marc Johns. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic piece to hang in your kitchen? Maybe you could do a set.

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