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Spring Soiree Invite

Throwing a dinner party.

Does that phrase conjure up feelings of utter dread for you?  Sheer excitement?  Somewhere in between?  Entertaining friends is something we find really rewarding, but it takes a little planning.  That’s where we come in!  We’ve put together a menu that we think is pretty slick — two options in each of the following categories: appetizer, salad, side, main dish, dessert, and drinks — all interchangeable so you can pick and choose to make your perfect menu!  Don’t like shrimp? Make the onion tart!  Don’t eat meat? Go with the mushroom pasta!   We’ve tried to combine flavors in all courses that will blend well together and make a cohesive and delicious meal.

Over the course of the next month, we’ll be posting each course’s two options every week.

We can’t wait and we hope you can’t either!

xo Rae & Jaime

*Invite template from Evites — if you haven’t used their e-invitations before, they are awesome!  So many choices and all beautiful!*

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