5 to 9 Foodies

It's all in a day's work!

About Us

Hi! We’re Jaime and Rae, two friends who work together by day but also love cooking together by night…as often as we can. We share a love of blogs, photography, and eating (among many other things)  – everything needed for a food blog.

We wanted to create a space to share our love of food with others. We plan to post seasonal meals, original recipes, reviews, and some other fun surprises. Who knows how we might evolve. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!


Jaime baking cookies at Grandma’s house.

Jaime is a Minnesota born transplant to Madison, WI. Her roots in the foodie world go all the way back to watching Yan Can Cook on PBS (when she wasn’t watching CMT). And her two sisters hated it. She now lives with her semi-picky husband and not at all picky cat, Jack. When she’s not cooking she enjoys reading, pinning, trying to get Lady Gaga to tweet her, running, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and entertaining.

Favorite music to cook to: Lady Gaga

Biggest kitchen flop: Jaime once tried to make cookies from the Martha Stewart cook book that melted into one runny puddle of cookie while baking.

Favorite kitchen utensil: Mini-muffin tin

Comfort food: Tomato and noodle

Rae with her first homemade bread…ever.

Rae is alsoa Minnesota transplant to Madison, WI. She loves that Jaime understands it’s “Duck, duck, GRAY duck” NOT “Duck, duck, goose.” Rae did not learn to cook anything until she was well into her twenties. Once she started she fell in love and now cooks and bakes as much as she can. She lives with her non-picky fiance (aka: the garbage disposal) and never worries about leftovers going bad. Her house is reigned by one fluffy cat named Sophie who is also always happy to help with leftovers (but is rarely allowed to). When Rae isn’t cooking she spends her time going to school for graphic design, reading, reading more, and doing crafts. What an introvert.

Favorite music to cook to: Taylor Swift

Biggest kitchen flop: She once had a Big Anthony-like catastrophe with rice when she was learning to cook. She ate rice everyday for at least two weeks.

Favorite kitchen utensil: Kitchen shears (even though she doesn’t currently own a pair). So the spatula is her runner up.

Comfort food: Breakfast-dinner

We both love to read, so we’re also sharing our Goodreads book lists to the right of our blog!  Hope you enjoy!

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