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What I did this weekend (Latergrams)

Hi all.  Like Rae, I miss this and you very, very much.  I’m brainstorming some recipes, and looking forward to our first guest blogger soon!  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I (we) did this weekend.

This is the second time I’ve really been camping.  We set up Friday with lots of help from friends, made pizza pudgie pies in the dark, and enjoyed talking by the campfire on a chilly September night.  Morning came quickly, and with it, an amazing breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries, delicious veggie eggs (not pictured) and of course bacon (full amount consumed also not pictured…).  There was coffee with chocolate marshmallows in my new favorite mug, and many games and laughs.  Even though it rained on the last night, and all morning as we packed up, I wouldn’t have traded it for a weekend at home!  It was memorable and happy and beautiful.   I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, too!

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (2)

photo 5 (2)

photo 1 (3)

photo 4 (2)

What is your favorite camp food?



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Weekend Wrap: Phone photos

Some phone photos from our weekend…hope yours was fabulous!

Weekend photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5Weekend photo 3 photo 4 photo 5Weekend photo 2

xo R & J

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InstaWeekend Wrap

Happy Monday!  Jaime here…just wanted to give you a weekend wrap-up and let you know about 1) an awesome breakfast joint and 2) an upcoming easy recipe!
photo 1

We’ve been introduced to a small-town style breakfast place in De Pere (essentially Green Bay if you’re not from the area) and we’re in love.  It is packed every single time we go (which has become every time we’re in town), but well worth the wait.  You know, just like love. The place: Oak Street Cafe.  No, they don’t have a website.  That’s how old school we’re talking.  The prices are great and the food, also great.

Toast is usually my throw-away item on any breakfast platter — let’s be honest, I’m more into ham and bacon than I am into dry old toast.  But not at Oak Street — they make their own bread there, and it’s thick and chewy and oh-so-delicious.  You can buy loaves to take home (which of course we do).  We’ve tried the cinnamon, white, and wheat.  Sourdough is also on the menu (and on our list to buy). photo 4 photo 2

What else did I do this weekend, besides eat tons of breakfast and bread?  I made a healthy taco dinner for my mom and sister.  I’ll make it again soon, and post the recipe for you all!  It’s really simple, flexible, and delicious.photo 3

So there you have it!  Weekend wrap.  Have a good week and stay tuned for more recipes this week!

XO Jaime


Lessons from Valentine’s Day 2013


Good morning!  Is anyone in a post-Valentine’s Day haze, induced by too much chocolate and warm fuzzies? If not, get out to Walgreens and pick up some 50% off chocolate — you’ll get there in no time!   I just wanted to stop in to tell you about a couple Valentine’s Day lessons I learned yesterday.  Some were more painful than others.

1. My husband has a sick obsession with buying me DB Infusions chocolates.  And this girl is NOT complaining.  He doesn’t even make me share with him, which means I force my office mates to eat a piece every now and then (sorry honey) — if I didn’t, I would surely develop diabetes.  My favorite flavor so far?  Bananas flambe. Yum.  Db Infusions also has some really great drinking chocolates , so if you haven’t tried them yet, do.  Mmm.  Ok I’m done bragging.  But not done eating chocolate.


2.  There are some foods that some of us just should not make.  Mine happen to be steak and french toast.  Without a doubt, I mess these two things up.  I had grand plans to make this orange-ginger-soy marinated SKIRT steak (I think that was my first mistake).   Let’s just say, we ended up throwing most of it out and consuming a meal consisting of side dishes, which also didn’t turn out as well as planned.  Except the mashed potatoes.  Those were the bomb.  So, lesson learned — I will leave steak (and french toast) to everyone else.  Next year we might have to go with the heart-shaped pizza from Rocky Rococo’s.   I don’t think there would be a single complaint, either!

3.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about rom-com romance.  There’s something nice about staying home, making a (non-steak) dinner, and playing board games.  Or getting together with your family and watching old movies.  Or going to an awesome workout class.  It’s just another day, after all.  And no matter what, just know that someone loves you!

So tell me, what food do you mess up EVERY TIME you try to make it?  Please, there must be something?  And stay tuned for some incredible shrimp from Rae! My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

With love,



Saturday Stew

Good morning all and happy Saturday!  Since we spend so much time checking out really great blogs, we wanted to have a place to compile and share some of the recipes we are excited to try out in the future along with random things we’re thinking about.  So here it is, a small sampling of Saturday Stew — random bits of stuff all in one place.   Lately, I’ve been thinking about the New Year, so here are some foods and fun finds for the forthcoming festivities (I wish my English teacher could see me now)!

1. Food I’d like to (attempt to) make in the New Year:


Almond Raspberry Holiday Macarons  by Mercedes at Satisfy My Sweet Tooth via Best Friends for Frosting.  Yes, I know, Christmas is over.  But these little gems are beautiful with their complementary colors, and with my new Silpat (thanks Mom & Dad!), I’m ready to start my ventures into macaron-making.  It’s always seemed so daunting, but I’d love to tackle it in the New Year!

2. Holiday Outfit I’d love to wear to a New Year’s Party:

Anne Klein Sequin Shift Dress

This Anne Klein Three-Quarter Sleeve Sequin Shift dress from Macy’s has the best of both worlds — glitz and glam from the sequins, and 3/4 sleeves to keep your arms warm in the cold Wisconsin winter!  I would even pair it with some black tights and black heels to keep extra warm!

3. Holiday outfit I’d love to wear for a cozy-night-in on New Year’s:  

VS Pajamas

The Afterhours Satin Pajama in Black/Ivory from Victoria’s Secret. This year may be low-key for us, and I can’t think of anything more fabulous to wear as I lounge in front of the TV watching the ball drop than these pajamas.  Cozy and chic, they won’t put my champagne to shame!

4. New Years drink I’d love to toast with:

Sparkling Holiday Mimosas from Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate.  You can’t go wrong with fresh orange juice, and no toast is complete without champagne!  Frozen cranberries add vibrant color, and help keep your drink cold.  Cheers!

5. Holiday treat I’d like to make for a New Year’s party:

quick-pickled grapes // brooklyn supper

Quick Pickled Grapes from Brooklyn Supper.  I know, I’ve never heard of them either, but long ago I heard that grapes were supposed to be “good luck” for the New Year!  Turns out, the tradition dates back to Spain in 1909.  According to Epicurious.com, grape growers in Spain started the tradition to handle the surplus of grapes at the end of the season.  For best luck, you are supposed to have eaten 12 grapes (one for each month of the year) by the stroke of midnight.  With these surprising bursts of flavor, you probably won’t have a problem doing just that!  And I can only imagine the more you eat, the better luck you’ll have, right?

6. Holiday decor I’d like to put up for a New Year’s bash:

I love this idea posted by Two Junk Chix — using a bunch of old & new & interesting clocks to decorate for a New Year’s party is a unique spin on traditional decor.  After all, the New Year is a time to both reflect on the time that’s gone by, and the time to come!   Throw in little festive touches (see: anything silver or gold) and you’ve got a guaranteed good “time”!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  What are some things you are looking forward to in the New Year? 

Cheers & Stay Safe!